Stainless steel in Chemicals and pharmaceuticals

Stainless steel is a popular choice for product handling in the pharmaceutical industry. In general, stainless steel is durable, able to withstand exposure to many of the chemicals used to sanitize pharmaceutical products, and has a high temperature tolerance to withstand heat-based sanitation methods. However, there are many different stainless steel types and uses for the pharmaceutical industry. While stainless steel with a natural finish is certainly useful for pharmaceutical applications, it is often preferable to electropolish the steel. Electropolishing stainless steel strips away its surface layers, removing tiny flaws and leaving a microscopically-smooth finish. By electropolishing different types of stainless steel, it is possible to further improve the steel’s sterility and ease of sanitation. The smooth surface of electropolished steel makes it even more difficult for microbes to adhere to the steel—making it easier to clean.

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Different types of stainless steel are used for different applications in the pharmaceutical industry. Some “stainless steel common uses” for the pharmaceutical industry include:Parts-washing baskets,Product-processing containers,Biosample processing,Sanitary product handling,Sample incineration/disposal
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