Stainless steel in Food and catering

Operators in the food industry have very strict requirements they need to follow to avoid product contamination. Machinery and tools used in the catering and restaurants, must meet strict hygiene standards. Stainless steel is almost always the only choice in these sectors, thanks to its resistance to corrosion. Stainless steel has become one of the most common materials found in kitchens and the food industry today. From food processing plants to large, commercial kitchens to your own kitchen at home, stainless steel is ever present. It’s corrosion and oxidization resistance paired with durability and how easy it is to clean has made stainless steel one of the safest materials in the food preparation and storage industries Professional catering and commercial kitchens, be they in restaurants, hospitals, school cafeterias, or elsewhere make abundant use of stainless steel in both their construction design and equipment choices. This includes everything from sinks and cabinets to food storage and transport equipment

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HUAPING is fully ready to deliver stainless steel, special stainless steel and nickel alloys to meet such diverse needs.

Benefits of Food Grade Stainless Steel in the Food service Industry

Corrosion resistance,Ease of cleaning,Non-reactive surface,Strength: Food grade stainless steel is strong, and it’s an excellent material to use in heavy-duty equipment or in shelving for storage areas.
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