Stainless steel in Offshore and shipbuilding

Steel used for shipbuilding requires special properties that allow ships to withstand the load from their hulls and cargo therein as well as other external forces that the ships might experience during their voyage. Our products intended for this industry are typically used for regular ships, naval ships and special vessels. With advances being made in technology and more trade volume, ships are getting larger and larger. Meanwhile, naval ships require weight reduction and greater performance. Generally, there are various vessels, such as oil tankers, bulk carriers, container ships and LNG carriers, and with the development of technology, the increase in shipments requires ships to be large and operate safely in harsh marine environments, such as rough waves and strong winds, and thus must meet strict requirements such as high strength, CTOD(Crack Tip Opening Displacement) and BCA(Brittle Crack Arrest). POSCO supplies world top premium steel, including steel plate for low temperature pressure vessels, 9% Ni steel, high manganese steel, steel plate for shipbuilding and stainless steel. Navy vessel must be bulletproof or withstand high pressure like submarines, and demand lighter and faster performance. In addition to steel plate for shipbuilding and high strength steel certified by classification societies, special steels such as bulletproof steel are also applied.

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HUAPING is fully ready to deliver stainless steel, special stainless steel and nickel alloys to meet such diverse needs.

Stainless steel as shipbuilding materials for chemical tankers

Chemical tankers represent the largest tonnage applications, as the primary need is for a material that is strong, easily fabricated, extremely durable and capable of being thoroughly cleaned when a change of cargo is involved.
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